Alienware M17X – Here Comes the Monster

The Most Powerful Laptop in the World

The Most Powerful Laptop in the World

Alienware has unleashed another beast from its “Arena” and this time it’s Alienware M17X tagged as the most powerful laptop in the world. For once when you read this line “Alienware M17X – The most powerful laptop in the world” you say just another ordinary stuff with great advertising campaign but this is something that you can say if you are not familiar with Alienware. Have you ever used any Alienware gaming laptop ever or are you aware of the configuration of the laptop parts used in these gaming laptops? If not the time has arrived as Alienware M17X is providing every opportunity to lay your hands on this beast and command it the way you like it.

Alienware M17X Configuration

The heart of Alienware M17X pumps all the power with Dual GPU system incorporated with GeForce NVIDIA GTX 280M GPU Video Card which is one of the most powerful and runs full High Definition.

Alienware M17X just doesn’t let you down when you think about the RAM, 8 GB at 1333 MHz, unimaginable? We are not finished yet and let’s talk about the heart which is incorporated with 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-core X9300 Processor and that’s why it is not the world’s most powerful gaming laptop for nothing and we are not finished just yet.

Alienware M17X comes with a resolution of 1920X1200 on a 17 inches screen and they have made sure that you don’t look elsewhere while having this laptop in the front.

When I say Alienware M17X comes with a storage capacity of 1TB and a Blue Ray Drive, does it excites you any more? I don’t think so and if I am right it is just the right time to shell out some money and take that beast home.


Alienware Laptop Repair – Replacing Graphics Card

Replacing Graphics Card

Replacing Graphics Card

Alienware laptop repair is a costly option and if you are just looking for upgrading few components then it may not cost you as dear. Alienware laptops come with good configurations but still if you are fed up of the graphics card installed in it or just want to replace the troubling graphics card, there are certain points that you need to consider before you go about an Alienware laptop repair job.

Replacing or installing a graphics card in your laptop is not a very cumbersome task, just few steps and you are up with a new found brute force for your Alienware beast.

•    First step is to uninstall current graphics card drivers and to do so just right click on My Computer and select Properties. Find your graphics card listed under the hardware tab. Just uninstall it from there.

•    Shutdown your laptop now and locate the AGP slot. Get rid of the static charge your body might have before you start touching internal components of the machine as you might end up damaging some electronic parts. Using an antistatic strap could be a good option. To remove the old graphics card, all you need to do is to open the casing first and unscrew attached back plate.

•    It would be better if you go through your new graphics card manual before you install it inside. Once you have read it all and sure about its configuration, just slide it into motherboard’s AGP slot. Make sure you have securely placed it into slot before you screw back its back plate and close the laptop casing.

•    Now you can turn your laptop “ON” to install drivers for the new graphics card. If Windows does not detect the new hardware installed then just click Settings from the Start Menu, open the Control Panel and click Add Hardware and you can install drivers through easy to follow steps. Once you have installed drivers you are finished with your Alienware laptop repair. Just restart your Alienware laptop and experience the change.

Alienware Laptop – Hard Disk Dusting

Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Usually Alienware gaming laptops don’t come cheap and it is not a bad option if you are going for a refurbished gaming laptop as it will hurt you less if anything goes wrong.

Hard Disk is one of the key components of the machine and when it starts troubling you than sometimes it turns out tricky to save all your important data.

Accumulation of dust is one of the major concerns for the hard disk and when you are up for the cleaning job then there are few things you must take care when dealing with the Hard Disk.

•    Before you begin firstly completely turn off the laptop and unplug any cords attached to the machine.

•    Open the casing of the laptop and get to the hard disk of the machine. Clean all the dust that has accumulated in and around the casing. Remove the back of the hard disk case and clean it carefully to make sure you do not contaminate the hard disk while doing any dusting work.

•    While removing the casing, take care that there are no devices still attached and be extremely cautious while removing clips and plastic pieces that could easily break due to rough handling.

•    Dust is one of the major causes of concern for the problematic hard disk. If you find any dust there just wipe it off with a soft clean cloth and re-screw the casing.

•    Carefully attach the casing of the laptop and then turn the system on.

•    If there is a system restore utility present then use it to restore the laptop to last saved point and to bring the computer to the original state. It helps to get rid of the malicious software, if any which might have caused your hard disk to behave in unexpected way.

•    Finally check system files and folders. Confirm the existence of config.sys file first and look out for if any system files or folders and downloaded programs are working properly or not.

•    Once you are done with this reboot your laptop so that everything comes to its original state and you are ready to use your refreshed hard disk again.

Alienware Laptop – Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard

Laptops go through far more wear and tear through their life time than the desktops and their Keyboard usually bear most of the brunt of the rough usage. Even if you have an Alienware refurbished gaming laptop and you haven’t paid heavily for it, take care of the machine as its repair may not come as cheap.

As far as laptop keyboards are concerned there are few points that need to be taken care of so that you don’t have to run to the vendor to pay for the mistakes that you have made.

  • Firstly never have any drinks near your laptop as spilling liquids are the major concern for the laptop keyboard.
  • Never use your laptop in the area where it is more prone to dust accumulation.
  • Removing dust particles from the machine is extremely important. In order to get rid of the dust from the keyboard it is better to use vacuum cleaner. Complete cleaning of the laptop should be done on regular basis so as to keep it running properly.
  • But still if you have managed to spill some liquid on your Alienware laptop, there is no need to panic. Whenever it happens the first thing is to turn off your laptop and turn it upside down so the keyboard is facing downwards. Let it stay like that for the day so that the liquid comes out.
  • Cotton swabs are best for the job but you can also take a piece of soft cloth and wet it with water and start cleaning your keyboard thoroughly with this wet cloth.
  • Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the keys and placed them all at the right places.

After you are done leave it for drying up and make sure you are extra careful next time while having a drink around your Alienware laptop.

Alienware Motherboard – The Power House

The Power House

The Power House

Ever wondered what is so special about these Alienware gaming laptops. The brute force in these beasts is provided by the NVIDIA. Alienware Motherboards come with these high end NVIDIA Graphics Cards to give you the ultimate gaming experience that you can only expect from the Alienware.

Here is what you can expect from the Alienware when it comes to providing you the best gaming experience.

Alienware 5700 Video Card Nvidia GeForce Go 6800 NV41M 256MB

The graphics card comes with the following specifications:

Series     GeForce Go 6000
Core Speed      450 MHz
Shader Speed     450 MHz
Memory Speed 600 MHz
Memory Bus Width 256 Bit
Memory Type     DDR3
Max. Amount of Memory 256 MB
Shared Memory No
DirectX 9c, Shader 3.0
Current Consumption     89 Watt
Transistors     222 Million
Technology     130 nm
Features     90nm

With such high end technical specifications you don’t expect anything less than life like gaming thrill. But even this brute force needs some rest. Alienware Motherboard Repair is not something that you would often think about but then even machines like these bow down sometimes to the wear and tear that life has to offer.

Things to look in for a Gaming Computer

For a cool and thrilling gaming experience a powerful computer is required. We know that market is flooded withimages M17 number of gaming laptops. But in real terms a powerful gaming computer should include specific features like great graphics capabilities, lots of RAM and a fast processor. If a computer provides these features then you can experience a great gaming experience. Thus basic formula for a powerful gaming computer is Graphics + RAM + Processor Speed + Screen/Display. Therefore these features are important for serious gamer and enthusiast and they will never settler for less. These computers are also equipped with great graphic capabilities such as, movie editing, watching and other media and entertainment. In short there are six essential features a computer must have for gaming:

  • Computer Monitor/Display
  • Computer Processor
  • Computer Sound
  • Computer Memory – RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Computer Graphics – VRAM
  • Computer Game Pad

Let me explain them in detail:

Computer Monitor/Display:

We know that the computer games have spectacular graphics quality and you can enjoy this feature only when you have some good large computer monitor which will deliver you a never forgetting gaming experience. In addition response time and refresh rate of display are also important for a smooth motion in display. Now you can choose from variety of sizes to enjoy better quality images

Computer Processor:

To enjoy the thrill of a real gaming computer you should have a fast high performance processor. Varieties of options are available in the market such as –

  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Intel Core 2 Quad
  • Intel Core 2 Extreme

You can choose one of the above mentioned processors.

Computer Sound:

Another important factor to look in for a gaming laptop is its sound quality. Sound is delivered via quality sound cards. It is recommended that you should go for those with accelerated technology that offer powerful sound without putting extra load on the CPU. In addition you should have good speakers such as Logitech Z-2300 or Digital 5.1 with surround sound, which is the best option for gaming

Computer Memory – RAM (Random Access Memory):

RAM (Random Access Memory) is also important for the best gaming experience because it is responsible for the number of programs that can run on a computer without going into slow downs and crashes. We all know that gaming soft wares often come with large sizes so it is recommended to have a computer with 2 GB to 4GB of 800MHz or 1,066MHz DDR2 memory to enjoy the optimal gaming experience.

Computer Graphics – VRAM:

To enjoy the thrill of true gaming experience you should have a high performance graphic video card. Generally we saw gamers prefer laptops over desktops for gaming purposes probably because of their Laptop Video Cards.  Graphic card should have its own power supply in order to enjoy optimal display of the games graphics which is a feature of modern games especially for 3D gaming. VRAM is dedicated to video graphics and all visuals. Best options available are –

  • ATI Radeon
  • Nvidia GeForce

Computer Game Pad

You can get enhance your gaming experience from normal to great with your computer game pad. So it is recommended that you get the best one available i.e. you get what you pay.

I consider alienware is the best gaming laptop manufacturer in the world. For more information about alienware gaming laptop computers and complete alienware gaming laptop computer buying manual,  computer glossary,  and  regarding alienware,  hypersonic, prostar and clevo service visit:

Guide to Fix a Slow Alienware Laptop / Computer:

Alienware Computer

Alienware Computer

Most of the people believe that after purchasing their Alienware laptop or computer they don’t have to bother about their maintenance. While some other believe that  their Alienware is really complicated but in real terms it is not. Also they don’t schedule the maintenance which their laptop / computer really want.

This kind of carelessness in maintenance eventually lead the Alienware laptop / computer  owners to frustration and will ultimately lead to laptop / computer slow down. As a result the speed of your laptop / computer has slowed down to just crawl like a snail.

Now ignorant people at this point believe that there might be some problem with their laptop / computer, instead it is due to their carelessness. They will look for a computer technician to fix the problem which often prove expensive.
At this point many people believe there is a problem with their computer system and will arrange for an unecessary call out which can often prove expensive when no real problem really exists, and many others will believe that the only way out of this problem is to sell the old Alienware laptop / computer and replace it with a brand new laptop / computer.

How to Fix Slow Alienware Laptop / Computer:

So to tell people how to fix a slow laptop / computer we are giving here few tips, which would help you to perform basic maintenance tasks a laptop / computer need to make it work smoothly. Few tips are listed below:

  • Alienware Laptop / Computer Repair Software
  • How to do a Registry Repair in Alienware Laptop / Computer
  • How to Fix a Slow Hard Drive inAlienware Laptop / Computer
  • Alienware Laptop / Computer Spyware Removal
  • Alienware Laptop / Computer Memory Upgrade
  • Alienware Laptop / Computer Virus Removal

We are pretty much sure that once you will try out all above mentioned tips, you will get rid of your laptop / computer slow down. But Alienware laptop / computer maintenance is simple and ongoing process. You can do it yourself if you know little bit about computers else it is recommended to call best alienware laptop/ computer repair  provider.

For details on Alienware laptop repairAlienware laptop replacement parts you may visit :