Something Gone Wrong! Well, this one gives another reason to pull off your hair when you see your laptop screen blanked out. And I am sure it could be even more of a horrible site if you somehow have managed to drop it. Imagine if your laptop is one of those premium Alienware Models. Started having nightmares?! Don’t worry we at Alienware Repair are not to extend your worries any further rather we are all here to help your way out of the technical maze.
Once you are all prepared to be an engineer for a change, make sure that you are comfortable after reading through the entire process. Please take proper precautions when working with the tools.

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Before you start, make sure you have all the tools handy which will assist you in the process. Never presume that just because you can’t see anything on the screen the LCD screen has errors. If the screen is cracked, has dead pixels or a complete row or column is out, it is time to move further. If the LCD screen is completely dead, it could be due to the video integrated on the motherboard, so please test the laptop with an external monitor before proceeding.

Step 2: Just remove the battery first of all. Moving further is not a very tough ask as most of the LCD screens come apart the same way. Just look out for the couple of screws hidden by rubber cups near the hinges. The rubber cups also multitask at least in case of your laptop. They hide the screws and also provide the bumper stop when the laptop is closed. To remove the screws you can use the standard screwdrivers but please avoid those which can damage your Alienware Luxury.

LCD Repair/Replacement: 1

LCD Repair/Replacement: 1

Step 3: Remove the two screens and lift the actual LCD screen which is installed within a plastic bezel hinged at the top on plastic tabs. You will see a metalized foil which is wrapped around the LCD screen to reduce RF interference. You can also see the opposing springs on the bottom hinge that keep the laptop screen in place when you adjust the tilt.

Step 4: Remember that the LCD screens are provided by the LCD manufacturers, who may supply all of the control electronics for the screen. The LCD screen is held in place by the screws at the corners. White wires are for power which is placed in the right hinge and the video signals come through the flat ribbon cable through the left hinge.

LCD Repair/Replacement: 2

LCD Repair/Replacement: 2

Step 5: You can easily remove the video connector which are placed as simple push-ins and are without any latching. So you can remove it without pulling the cable. You can easily remove the ribbon cable connector at the back of the LCD screen by twisting a flathead screwdriver between the connector and the lip on the ribbon cable.

Step 6: And your Alienware Laptop LCD Screen in your hands now as you would find in a factory just ready to get assembled. On the right in the picture you can see the ribbon cable connectors and the power connector is on the left.

LCD Repair/Replacement: 3

LCD Repair/Replacement: 3

Step 7: So now you can begin with replacing your damaged LCD screen with a new one. Remember how you removed your LCD screen, it will be installed the same way just start following the steps in reverse. Once you have placed the video cables correctly and the LCD screen is secured with the screws you can connect the power connector. Now you can replace the plastic bezel too. You are almost done now but before you snap the bezel into place just make sure the wires in the case and the ferrite slug don’t get pinched. Finally, just restore the little rubber bumpers over the screws and your Alienware Laptop is ready to assist you again.

Wasn’t that all easy?! Still if you find some difficulties with respect to any repairs or replacement of your machine you can always log on to Service.Ztronics We will be honored to help you out.

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